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The development of automobiles has contributed to comfort; however, on the other hand, it has also caused problems. At Nihon Plast, we are continuously considering and revising what we consider to be the best automobile for people. Factors required of vehicles include comfort and functionality and a very important element that must be considered is the safety of the passengers. Based on the technology developed over the years, we are developing airbags and other automotive safety components of the future.

Nihon Plast has been a part of Japan's history with the automobile for the last half century and is now spreading its wings in pursuit of new fields. This is our desire to use the irreplaceable intellectual property developed over 50 years pursuing core technology in the manufacturing of products. And there begins our challenge for the creation of something new- working on technology that is a possibility, not an absolute. Reading into what has not yet been seen, turning these requirements into concepts, Nihon Plast is continually working to develop new concepts for creation.

Businesses of the 21st century must incorporate social contribution activities into their corporate structure. One thing that Nihon Plast is doing to use resources effectively and protect the environment is the use of pressurized water cutting of urethane that does not use CFC's.
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