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Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

Nihon Plast Environmental Policy

(Basic Concept)

Nihon Plast follows the business concept of making products that we can be proud of and contributing to society. In keeping with this, we recognize that protecting the environment is one of the greatest concerns for all people. We aim to fulfill our social responsibility to minimize the burden on the environment in all aspects of our business activities. Thus we obtain ISO 14001 certification and in the process take concrete steps to address environmental problems and contribute to society.

(Environmental Policy)

Nihon Plast recognizes the importance of improving the environment so that it will be sufficiently healthy for future generations. We work to reduce the burden we place on the environment. All Nihon Plast employees engage in protecting and beautifying our precious environment as outlined below.

1. Continuous initiatives to improve the environment

Nihon Plast precisely measures the effects that our business activities have on the environment through the design, development, and manufacture of automobile steering wheels, airbag modules, interior/exterior trim parts, and other products. We continuously improve our environmental management system by setting environmental goals and objectives that are technologically and financially feasible, reviewing them periodically, closely monitoring the results, and conducting internal environmental audits.

2. Observance of environmental laws and regulations

Nihon Plast works to improve the environment by observing relevant laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements to which we have agreed.

3. Pursuit of resource and energy conservation and replacement and reduction of hazardous chemicals

Nihon Plast works to reduce burdens on the environment and prevent environmental pollution by prioritizing the following efforts against the impacts our business activities have on the environment.
(1) To suppress global warming and conserve natural resources, we are striving to reduce the amount of energy and resources used to power our business facilities and manufacturing equipment.
(2) We are dedicated to the proper management, reduction, and recycling of waste materials in order to preserve the environment.
(3) We are working to replace and reduce hazardous chemicals that are a burden on the environment.

4. Education and involvement of all employees

Nihon Plast has prepared the regulations, procedures, and other documentation, as well as an environmental improvement program that enables all employees to participate in improving the environment. Through training and education, employees become more aware of environmental issues, learn to value the environment, and begin taking concrete action for its sake.

In addition to providing this environmental policy to all employees, we have also made it public and continue striving toward the achievement of its objectives.

Atsushi Saida
General environmental manager
June 29,2015


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