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Disclosure Policy

Basic policy

In addition to disclosing accurate and prompt company information to our shareholders and investors in strict adherence to the Securities Exchange Law and other laws and rules on appropriate time of disclosure as set forth by the Japan Securities Dealers Association, we also readily provide information that we are not obliged by law to disclose so as to enable interested parties to learn more about our company.

Method of disclosure

Our company prepares documents for disclosure, including earnings reports and financial statements, discloses information using the TDnet information communication system provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange, and promptly uploads this information to our company's IR site.
We also hold periodic results briefings, and post the details of these briefings to our company's IR site for the sake of fairness.
However please be aware that due to the time taken to prepare the above the may be delays in the posting of this information.

Items related to future projections

Performance projections announced by Nihon Plast Co., Ltd. are created based on information that is available to us at the time of the announcement, and actual performance may not necessarily be as projected. Therefore, when making investment-related decisions, we ask that you refrain from making investment-related decisions based solely on these projections.

Establishing of a period of voluntary restraint for IR activity

Our company establishes a several-week period of silence up to the scheduled date of announcement related to accounting information to be disclosed. During this period, we provide no information related to performance projections and do not respond to any inquiries related to business performance.
However, we do make exceptions to this policy when important facts or information related to the future occurs that may be considered to have a significant effect on the investment decisions of out investors and shareholders.