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Product Information

The safety parts of the automobile (e.g., the steering wheel and airbags), the interior trim resin components that cover most of the cab, and the exterior resin components (air spoilers, cowl top, etc.) all make full use of the light weight, functionality, and design advantages of plastic. At Nihon Plast, our dream is to improve on existing technologies and combine them to create higher value.

Safety Parts

We provide greater safety with steering wheels (where the car and driver interface) and all types of airbags (driver's seat airbags in the steering wheel center, and passenger seat and side collision airbags).

Instrument Panel Components

With our advanced resin processing technology and instrument panel component technology, we provide comfortable interior spaces by combining design with functionality at a high level.

Interior Parts

Light weight and rich design characterize our interior components, creating comfortable spaces with all types of functionality.

Exterior Parts

Our exterior parts make automobiles lighter, while adding plenty of functionality and durability even under severe environmental conditions.

Aero Parts

Aero parts lend the automobile a distinctive exterior, and their aerodynamic performance enhances vehicle fuel economy and operating stability.