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Technical integration and future vision

Headquarters & Technical Center

Pic of Headquarters

Pic of Technical Center

The Nihon Plast Headquarters & Technical Center are at the heart of our product development, bringing together planning, design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing method development. We meet customer expectations with product value that responds quickly to diversifying and changing market needs.

Pursuit of possibilities based on CAD & CAE

With all our design data in one central location, we work to improve product design, performance forecasting, and reliability and to shorten development time by building our own production equipment.

Pic of Collision analysis

Collision analysis

Pic of Collision analysis (glove box)

Collision analysis (glove box)

Pic of Structural analysis

Structural analysis

Pic of Air flow analysis

Air flow analysis

Production technology optimization

Our molding, processing, assembly, and other production equipment were born of a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and know-how from years of experience, and ensure a steady stream of high-quality products.

Advanced quality assurance & testing system

Automobiles must maintain sufficient performance even under severe conditions, including weather, vibration, and impact. Nihon Plast ensures the durability of its products with equipment that can reproduce all types of environmental conditions. We develop safety performance with help from a crash-test system. Together with our evaluation techniques unique to individual products, this gives peace of mind to drivers as well as passengers.

Pic of Crash-test dummy

Crash-test dummy

Pic of Large constant-temperature chamber

Large constant-temperature chamber

Pic of Anechoic vibration tester

Anechoic vibration tester