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Testing equipment to reproduce all types of environmental conditions, and advanced quality control

Carriage crash

Pic of Carriage crash tester

This machine reproduces front and side collisions on test vehicles. By using sensors inside crash-test dummies to measure injury criteria, it ensures the reliability of restraint devices like airbags.

Airbag deployment
test room

Pic of Airbag deployment testing lab

Airbags completely deploy within 0.03 seconds. We ensure our airbags' performance by videotaping them at 10,000 frames per second and analyzing pressure readings from inside the bags.

Airbag burst test equipment

Pic of Airbag burst test equipment

Airbags are the key passenger restraint. This machine measures how much pressure the bags can withstand under all sorts of conditions, thus ensuring the reliability of individual bags.

Miscellaneous environmental
testing equipment

Pic of

Various machines ensure product function and durability by reproducing severe natural environments (including extreme humidity and temperatures ranging from -70°C to 150°C) and external forces like vibration. We have a large constant-temperature chamber that can accommodate an entire vehicle to test airbag deployment at hot and cold temperatures.

Anechoic vibration tester

Pic of

Driving conditions are reproduced in a unique environment, free of sound reflection and echo, to ensure that the auto cab is sufficiently quiet.