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Advanced quality control & production lines that respond flexibly to varying needs

Injection molding

Pic of Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the most basic forms of resin molding used at Nihon Plast. We specialize in components with thin walls and high throughput. At the same time, our development of related equipment and even resins themselves helps us to manufacture high-value products.

RIM molding

Pic of RIM molding

Flexible urethane is used widely, especially in products that people touch directly. The material is characterized by requiring little mold clamping force, and can be molded with colorant. It is used in relatively large products, such as steering wheels and the structural members of instrument panels.

Blow molding

Pic of Blow molding

This molding technique is used to make hollow functional components like ducts and tanks. It also finds use in design components like air spoilers, where the goal is light weight but a thick cross-section.

Magnesium die casting

Pic of Magnesium die casting

Magnesium die casting is used in components that have to be strong, such as the metal core of the steering wheel. The technique is also useful for keeping down vehicle weight.

Decorative processing

Pic of Decorative processing

Decoration is a process that enhances product value by covering molded resin components with cloth, film, artificial leather, or other materials. Nihon Plast uses robots to automate this process and ensure quality.

Vibration welding

Pic of Vibration welding

This technique welds two structural members together using the heat of friction generated by vibrating the members in the horizontal direction. It requires no anchors and is suited to the welding of components that are large or have special shapes.

Leather-wrapped steering

Pic of Leather-wrapped steering wheels

Each leather-wrapped steering wheel is carefully sewn by a skilled craftsman, since the driver touches it directly.

Bag sewing

Pic of Bag sewing

Outstanding sewing technology and original quality control ensure the high reliability customers need when it counts.

High reflective coating

Pic of High reflective coating

Through using highly capable coating technology with coating equipment especially for plastic parts in a high level clean environment, a high degree of reflective characteristics to match the exterior coatings of automobiles has been achieved.


Pic of Assembly

We practice traceability control over airbag module structural components, by both serial and lot numbers. Moreover, assembly equipment built with our unique know-how ensures high reliability. This same approach to craftsmanship goes into our other products as well.