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Since its founding in 1948, Nihon Plast has evolved into its current form through an extensive range of technological developments in everything from the raw materials at the core of the products to molding, processing, assembly, experimental development, and design.
We are committed to ongoing technological development as we reshape Nihon Plast to suit the future.

Established as
Nihon Plast Co., Ltd. in
October 1948 (Showa 23).

Nihon Plast’s founders, Nobuo Hirose and Tsubasa Okada, first met at the end of the Pacific War. In April 1948, they rented a 3 tsubo (3.5 square meter) space in the back of Sakura Rindo Bakery in Takaoka-cho, Fuji-gun, and started a plastic manufacturing business as “NIHON PLAST KOUGEI,” the predecessor of Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

1949-1957Initial stage
Initial stage
Began plastic production focused on automobile parts due to the boom in automobile production at that time.

In April 1948, Plast Art was established in Fuji City, Shizuoka Pref. This company started production of plastics mainly for automobile parts against the background of rapid penetration of plastics and increase in automobile production after the end of World War II.

1958-1967Searching for a new way
Searching for a new way
The automobile industry was synonymous with the dawn of motorization.

At the dawn of the new motorized era, all of the automobile manufactures were actively investing in production equipment and aiming to strengthen their corporate character, preparing for the rapid expansion of domestic demand and coming trade liberalization.
As a part manufacturer, we also expanded production capacity by introducing state-of-the-art production equipment and building modern plans while striving to improve quality and rationalize production processes in order to cope with severe domestic competition and strengthen sales capability, aiming at strengthening our corporate character.

1968-1977Developing and expanding
Developing and expanding
The boom in private car ownership and concurrent commercialization of resin products were accelerated by Japan’s decades of rapid economic growth.

The “my car” boom began on a wave of high economic growth. Automobile parts were accelerated to shift to plastic and the number of orders for plastic parts that we received largely increased. We strengthened our company structure by building new plans, adding production equipment and capital increase of stocks. However, the oil crisis in 1973 fiercely shook not only the automobile industry but also all of Japan. The plastic industry also plunged into its greatest crisis in this period.

1978-1987Changing ourselves
Changing ourselves
A global recession in the domestic automobile industry.

The domestic automobile industry suffered from sluggish exports and stagnant domestic demand due to worldwide depression, self-imposed control on US exports and other factors.
Overseas operations of domestic automobile manufactures were accelerated during this period.
We finally decided to start overseas operations in order to ensure the company’s survival as well as to reform the corporate character.

1988-1997Towards the 21st century
Towards the 21st century
Expanded adoption of value-added products within the Bubble economy.

During the “bubble” economy, sales of value-added products increased. In the automobile industry, in addition to comfort and functionality of the automobile, safety for passengers was vigorously targeted. Consequently, the development of safety systems such as airbags stated.
Corresponding to this movement, we started producing airbags and expanded domestic and overseas production facilities. At the same time, we concentrated our design, development, testing and production engineering divisions, reinforced test equipment and improved development efficiency.

1998-2007Innovating tecnology
Innovating tecnology
Global scale reorganization has seen progress and international competition has increased.

Worldwide reorganization of automobile manufactures was accelerated and international competition became fiercer. In addition to the requirements for cost reduction and shorter development periods and the consequent outsourcing movement, capabilities to propose innovative technologies were sought. Under these circumstances, we expanded our overseas facilities and strengthened domestic and overseas development capabilities. We were aiming at a fused product of safety and plastic (module product).

2008-2017Creating the future
Creating the future
The economic climate has cooled off with competition more intense than ever.

The auto industry surrounding us seems to become more competitive and sever, direct results of soaring prices of crude oil and raw materials, and the subprime lending issues.
In order to cope with severe competition, we will further propel globalization. improve attractive and customer-pleasing products, which are in harmony with the environment and offer improved safety and convenience, aiming at creating a future of “human, automobile and the earth.”

Providing safe, comfortable spaces for people that suit next-generation vehicles.

The aim of the Nihon Plast Group is to provide products and services that satisfy all customers.
Based on this philosophy, we will flexibly and quickly adapt to the needs of the rapidly changing market. In the safety parts business, we will achieve sakes growth by developing products that respond to high-performance demands for next-generation vehicles such as CASE and low-price demands to capture demand in emerging countries. In response to the growing needs of the customers for comfortableness improvement of the cabin as a result of the expansion of electrification and automation, we will quantify the sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch with our own technology and embody it with all the technologies we possess business, we will continue to provide safe and comfortable living spaces that match next-generation automobiles.