Nihon Plast has set the strengthening of SDGs activities as a management goal, and aims to promote and expand the use of sustainable products that utilize waste and scrap materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. 
We are considering and implementing the use of some of the resin molded products and scrap materials of genuine and synthetic leather, which are discharged in the process of manufacturing automobile parts, as new resources for use other than in automobile parts. These resources meet the standards for automotive use and can be used as reliable materials, and we will promote them as part of our SDGs efforts to realize a sustainable society.
Please note that some products may not be available depending on the status of scrap wood and other materials being discharged, and on the availability of plants. We appreciate your understanding.

Plus warmth to your Life

We, Nihon Plast, have established our new eco-brand “plus to” to facilitate our production and sales of nature-friendly and sustainable products.
plus to is offering varieties of items listed below.

Interior Green


Green plant growing product using “NPORUS®”, a material that replaces soil obtained by microbially decomposing urethane waste generated during steering wheel production.

<sou / 52わ>

Collaboration product with 52 KOKE PROJECT of Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture!
The moss growing kit product, combination of mosses grown in the humid climate of Shimane and NPORUS®
“sou” also uses ceramic sand upcycled from Sekishu-Kawara tiles.


<Leather accessories>

Upcycled products from leather scraps and wastes of steering wheels and automobile interior parts.

New series, new products are under development.
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New products are also under development at our global subsidiaries!