Our aim is always to create products to be proud of,
serve our customers diligently, and contribute to society

From humble beginnings as a small town factory in 1948, a few years after the end of World War II,Nihon Plast has grown into a global parts manufacturer.
Throughout our many years of involvement in the automobile industry, the products we handle have changed along with the passage of time and the new realities this brings.

In recent years,it is our belief that the full-scale diffusion of the final stage of CASE within the automobile industry in developed countries will continue to accelerate with each field complementing one another in line with current trends. We also believe that this is the type of environment into which Nihon Plast can make both direct and indirect contributions to the areas of automation and electrification.

As CASE moves closer to full realization, the transformation of the automobile from a simple means of transportation into a mobile living space will begin to appear.
In response to this coming trend, Nihon Plast has adopted the motto YU-KA-I (yukaide-kaitekina-interia, pleasant-comfortable-interior) to inform its projected world view of product development, which aims to create an interior space that makes our customers feel relaxed, at home, and, above all, human.

Even in this period of turbulent changes, our management philosophy will not be shaken. In order to provide products that satisfy all our stakeholders, we have not changed our manufacturing axis, keeping the aspirations of our founding close to our hearts. With our aim to be a company that can provide safety and comfort to spaces in which people live (creating spaces), such as through bicycle airbags, room interiors, etc. while continuing to improve on existing technology, we will grow from being a parts manufacturer into a “space creator”.

Furthermore, we recognize that it is also our responsibility as a manufacturing company to meet our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and work toward resolutions of socio-environmental issues such as reducing CO2 emissions, utilizing waste materials, seeking our sustainable materials, and ensuring the sanctity of human rights.
Here at Nihon Plast, we are currently implementing concrete initiatives and improvements within all our working environments, regardless of where they are located around the world.
In order to continue maximizing our corporate value into the future, we must continue to evolve with a greater sense of urgency than ever before.

Representative Director Hirohisa Nagano