Positioning of Our Business Plan

Corporate Philosophy
Coporate Philosophy

Long-term Vision 2048

GuidelineBecome a one-of-a-kind company trusted, highly anticipated and selected by every stakeholders
Corporate VisionTo become a one-of-a-kind company that is irreplaceable from the customers’ point of view, with unique strength such as unique technology and products, that stand out from competitors.
And to become a company essential to the society and highly trsuted and anticipated by every stakeholders.
                    Corporate Image we aim for
Employees        Company that respects employees and is trusted and contributed by employees
Customers        Company the propose attractive products with its high quality standard and
            one-of-a-kind technology
Shareholders       Company with stable growth of stock price based on high profitability
Suppliers         Company that realize mutual prosperity through transactions
Financial Institution   Company that runs stable business based on healthy financial strcuture
Local Society       Company that contributes to society, is needed by society and coexists with society
Natural Environment  Environmentally friendly company that continues to develop sustainably

Medium-term Management Plan

The automotive industry, in which we belong, is undergoing a period of major transformation, and the business environment is becoming more severe due to changes in the profit creation structure and intensifying competition not just among existing competitors but with new entrants from other industries. In addition, the impact of the factors that worsened our business results during the period of our Fifth Medium-Term Management Plan, such as semiconductor supply shortages and turmoil caused by the prolonged situation in Russia and Ukraine, are expected to remain for the time being, and the difficult business situation expected to continue.

Amidst such circumstances, we have formulated our Sixth Medium-Term Management Plan with a three-year period starting from fiscal year ending March 2024, with the aim of building a corporate structure that can generate stable profits and grow even under difficult business environment by focusing on strengthening the management foundation that we have been working on until this day.

Basic Policy

Strengthen business foundation (HR/Technology/Finance) through optimization and investment for growth to maximize our corporate value



Management Objectives

Quality:  Accomplishment of Zero-defect

Revenue:  Operating Margin 3%

SDGs:  CO2/Waste Emission Reduction Targets

Priortized Actions

・ Strengthening of Quality Assurance System & Quality Assurance Structure

・ Strengthening of technological development capabilities

・ Strengthening of profitable structure

・ Strengthening Human Capital

・ Pursuit of Social Responsibilities

Our Company Goals

Our Company Goals