Development strategies for the CASE era

Automobile manufacturers are accelerating the development of next-generation automobiles called “CASE,” which is a combination of the initial letters of “Connected,” “Autonomous,” “Shared & Service,” and “Electric.” Nihon Plast is expanding the functions of steering wheels and driver airbags, which are devices that convey information during driving from the car to the driver and from the driver to the car, while developing a system that quantifies human “comfort” according to the five senses and realizes it inside the car using a variety of technologies. We will continue to contribute to the realization of an affluent automotive society in the next generation by proposing products that are “friendly to people and the environment” by making full use of technologies to reduce power consumption, vibration isolation, sound insulation, sound absorption, and heat management.

Next-generation STRG concept N-CON
Exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Exposition

Next generation
steering wheel concept: N-CON

This next-generation steering wheel is compatible with HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is a means of connecting people and automobiles through the senses. The N-CON steering wheel was created using a variety of intelligent technologies, including a “multimodal effect” that combines multiple senses to reliably and linearly transmit information, touch sensors, a steering wheel display, a small airbag structure, and a simple design that intuitively communicates functions.
*Autonomous driving level 3 or higher.

Next-generation cockpit concept: X-Cockpit
Exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Exposition

cockpit concept: X-Cockpit

X-Cockpit is a next-generation cockpit model that delivers comfortable driving and transportation. The X-Cockpit is an interior design proposal that incorporates advanced functions for people who want to enjoy the space of the automobile, based on the theme of “Easy, Pleasant, and Just Right.” It is a future-oriented cockpit that enables the driver’s intentions and senses to be transmitted linearly to the car through the combined use of auditory, visual, and tactile senses.
*Autonomous driving levels 3, 4, or higher.

Emergency vehicles pass from the front.
Emergency vehicles pass from the front. Emergency vehicles pass from the front.
Warning and voice guidance with AR, etc. displayed on the windshield to alert the driver.
Vehicles pass from the rear.
Vehicles pass from the rear. Vehicles pass from the rear.
Transmission of blind spot information by STRG vibration and voice guidance.