Contributing to the Global Environment for the 100th Anniversary
of the Company's Founding
・Carbon neutral
・Zero waste material implementation
General Manager ,Sustainability Promotion Dept.
Naoki Shimizu

Since its establishment in 1948, Nihon Plast Group has developed its business with a focus on plastic parts for automobile steering wheels, airbags, interiors, and exteriors.
In recent years, plastics have been treated as a cause of marine and soil pollution in some areas, but they are an excellent material that is lightweight, rigid, and tough, and can be plasticized at relatively low temperatures. We will promote activities based on the understanding that it is our responsibility to innovate product design and molding technologies that maximize functionality with the minimum amount of plastic waste, as well as recycling technologies that use up all the plastic waste generated as materials, and to address environmental issues.
In addition, we will make group-wide efforts to minimize CO2 emissions from our business operations, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2048.