Basic Approach

Nihon Plast is actively working toward a carbon-neutral society based on our management policy.
We have set a specific goal of becoming carbon neutral by FY2020.
Various issues such as floods, wind damage, droughts, forest fires, land subsidence due to excessive pumping of underground resources, resource depletion and extortion due to global warming, widening gap between rich and poor, hunger, forced labor for young people, and so on are piling up.
In terms of CO2 emissions, we have declared and announced our goal of “zero CO2 emissions” by 2050 in support of the government’s target, and we have decided to achieve this goal two years earlier than originally planned, in time for the 100th anniversary of our company in 2048. 
We have reaffirmed the importance of corporate contributions to a decarbonized society, and the entire company is united in our efforts to achieve this goal.

Long-term vision

Long-term vision of carbon-neutral