Basic Policy

Under the basic sustainability policy, Nihon Plast recognizes the importance of environmental protection and strives to realize a sustainable society by reducing the environmental impact of our business activities and making continuous improvements in order to pass on the irreplaceable global environment to the next generation in a sound manner.

1.Contribute to environmental preservation and a society in harmony with nature

1.Contribute to 
environmental preservation
and a society in harmony 
with nature

We will accurately assess the impact of our business activities on the environment, and strive to protect the environment by preventing environmental pollution and taking into consideration the richness of the connection between the individuality of living organisms.

2.Contribute to a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society

2.Contribute to a low-carbon, 
recycling-oriented society

We consider the impact on the environment at every stage of our business activities, and strive to improve our environmental performance by preventing environmental pollution, addressing climate change, and promoting the effective use of resources.

  • 1 Reduce, recycle, and reuse waste
  • 2 Reduce use of electricity, fuel, and water resources
  • 3 Substitution and reduction of hazardous chemical substances and development of environmentally friendly products

3.Compliance with Environment-Related Laws, Regulations, etc.

3.Compliance with 
Environment-Related Laws, 
Regulations, etc.

We strive to comply with laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. applicable to environmental aspects and other requirements that we have decided to accept.

4.Continuous Improvement of Environmental Management System

4.Continuous Improvement 
of Environmental 
Management System

We will strive to properly identify environment-related risks and opportunities in our business activities, set environmental targets from a medium- to long-term perspective, and achieve them to the extent technically and economically feasible.
In addition, we will periodically review our environmental management system and promote continuous improvement.

5.Familiarization and Disclosure of Environmental Policy

5.Familiarization and 
Disclosure of 
Environmental Policy

We will make this Environmental Policy known to all employees and disclose it outside the company in an effort to achieve its goals.

Environmental Management Supervisor
Nihon Plast Co., Ltd. Naoki Shimizu

Environmental Management System

Nihon Plast has established an environmental management system headed by the Environmental Management Supervisor, and has established environmental policies and reviewed the EMS at environmental meetings. 
At each business site, an environmental manager and secretariat have been appointed, and periodic internal environmental audits are conducted to ensure appropriate operation and continuous improvement of the EMS.

Internal and external environmental audits

Internal Environmental Audits

Internal environmental audits are conducted annually to ensure proper operation of the environmental management system.
In FY2021, the audit was conducted in December.
In accordance with the key audit items for FY2021,the audit focused on

1 Appropriateness of environmental target setting
2 Progress management of the environmental action plan
3 Evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements

No nonconformity was found in accordance with the internal rules.

External Audits

Nihon Plast has obtained ISO 14001 certification.
In FY2021, the company underwent an audit by the certification body, Japan Gas Appliance Inspection Association, from June 1 to June 3, and was approved to maintain its registered certification.

Setting and Achievement of Environmental Targets

Setting Environmental Targets

Nihon Plast sets annual environmental targets for the period from April to March of the following year, and works to reduce environmental impact and promote environmentally beneficial activities.

Achievement of Environmental Targets for FY2022

Achievement of Environmental 
Targets for FY2022

Environmental TargetsSpecific targets for FY2022Status of achievement
Contribution to a low-carbon society■CO2 emissions reduction
 ▪33.8% reduction from FY2013 (basic unit)
Achieved: 117.01% of the basic unit target
Contribution to a recycling-oriented society■Reduction of waste material emissions
 ▪5.1% reduction from FY2019 (basic unit)
Achieved: 122.66%of the basic unit target
■Reduction of water use
 ▪Total usage of 362,500 m³ or less
Unachieved:92.59%of the basic unit target
Contribution to environmental preservation
and a society in harmony with nature
■Participation in local environmental conservation activities at business sites
 ▪Number of participating pieces More than 1 piece from each business office
Achieved: Participated in 15cases
■Environmental Accident Prevention
 ▪Number of occurrences 0
Achieved: Zero environmental accidents
Development of environmentally friendly products■Development of lightweight products
 ▪Plan implementation rate: 100%.
Achieved: Implemented as planned
■Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals
 ▪Plan implementation rate: 100%.
Achieved: Implemented as planned

Environmental Targets for FY2023

Environmental Targets for 

Environmental TargetsEnvironmental Targets for FY2023
Contribution to a low-carbon society・CO2 emissions reduction■63.9% reduction from FY2013 (basic unit)
Building a Recycling-Oriented Society・Reduction of waste material emissions■6.9% reduction from FY2019 (basic unit)
・Reduction of water use■Total usage of 362,500 m³ or less
Environmental Preservation and the Development of a Society
in Harmony with Nature
・Participation in local environmental conservation activities at business sites■Number of participating pieces More than 1 piece from each business office
・Environmental Accident Prevention■Number of occurrences 0
Development of environmentally friendly products・Development of lightweight products■Plan implementation rate: 100%.
・Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals■Plan implementation rate: 100%.

ISO 14001 certification status


Certification BodyJapan Gas Appliance Inspection Association
Registration NumberJE0066H
Date of first registrationDecember 25, 2000
Issue DateSeptember 15, 2023
Expiration dateDecember 24, 2024
Scope of registration1.Design, development and manufacture of steering wheels for automobiles
2.Design, development and manufacture of airbag modules for automobiles
3.Design, development and manufacture of interior and exterior parts for automobiles

Fuji Plant・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・5716-10 Kitayama, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka
Fuji Plant No.2・・・3507-15 Yamamiya, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka
Isesaki Plant・・・・・・・・・・・・・342-1 Yattajima-machi, Isesaki-shi, Gunma
Isesaki Plant No.2・・・・・・・・・・223-1 Nishikawahara, Aza, Naganumacho, Gunma
Isesaki Plant No.3・・・・・・・・・・・・・1744-3 Naganumacho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma
Kyushu Plant・・・・・・・・・・・・852-5 Oaza Tarumi,Kouge-machi,Chikujyo-gun, Fukuoka
Kyushu Plant No.2・・・・・・・・・・・・・708 Tsunenari,Kouge-machi,Chikujyo-gun, Fukuoka

Environmental performance data