Company history

When was the company established?
The company was established on October 9, 1948. Click here to view our company profile.
How did the company’s name originate? 
The name was formed by combining the ST from the German word KUNSTSTOFF (which means synthetic resin) and the PLA from the word PLASTICS.
When was the company’s stock first listed?
We registered our stock for OTC trading with the Japan Securities Dealers Association on December 7, 1990.
What are the company’s main products?
Products include steering wheels, airbag modules, and interior and exterior resins used in automotive parts. Click here to view our products.
How many overseas sites does the company have?
We have 11 sites: 4 in Mexico, 2 in the U.S. and China, and 1 in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Click here to view our company profile.

Accounting & Finance

When is the company’s closing of accounts and shareholders’ meeting?
Year-end closing of accounts is March 31. Our regular shareholders’ meeting is held each year in June.
How can I find out about recent shifts in business performance?
Click here to view shifts in business performance from the past 5 years.


What is the company’s securities code?
The code is 7291.
Which newspaper carries public announcements?
They are published in the Nikkei.
What is the trading unit for the company’s stock?
Who is your transfer agent?
Mizuho Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
What is the date for determination of eligibility for payment of dividends?
The date for interim dividends is September 30, and the date for year-end dividends is March 31.